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Photoshop Elements 9 enables you to create cool effects with your photos and create unique digital images. This Photoshop Elements 9 Cheat Sheet helps you .
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Is there a typo on F1? Why is the Keyboard not getting bigger with higher resolutions? I would love to have a bigger Keyboard.

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How to Navigate the Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 Workspace

Nice one. That is so much better than a list of shortcuts. With this more robust technology, you get reasonably good results by using the brush to paint over larger areas you want removed.

Photoshop Element 9 review: Should you upgrade? | Computerworld

This works better if areas aren't too large; and be advised that results aren't always perfect a fairly complex situation such as a rope winding around leaves and flowers can generate some obviously incorrect analysis. But even when results aren't ideal, I'm finding it easier to start off with this new tool and then clean up imperfect areas with a manual tool, than it would be to do the entire clean-up with a more labor-intensive tool such as clone stamp.

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Layer masks have also finally moved from full-fledged Photoshop to Elements. Layer masks allow you to selectively show only a portion of a layer on the final edited picture.

This can be useful for things like boosting color saturation or contrast on just part of a photo. There were a number of available workarounds for the lack of layer masks in Elements, many of them quite effective but requiring extra steps. The inclusion of layer masks is helpful for those who do detailed photo editing.

Other tools I haven't tried yet have also been improved, according to Adobe, such as better panoramas auto stitching multiple shots together into one and more flexible layouts for printing.

Photoshop CS6 Quick Reference Guide Cheat Sheet

Another handy high-end editing tool that debuted in Elements 8 which is new to me coming from Elements 7 : the "recompose" tool. As the name implies, this helps change the composition of a photo, by making it fairly simple to take out sections of a picture in order to bring subjects you do want closer together. This is helpful if you've photographed, say, as two interesting buildings with a lot of uninteresting space between them. See photos below for an example.

You upload photos to Facebook , find the Facebook uploader somewhat annoying and would rather send photos directly from Elements. At last Photoshop Elements Organizer can send pictures directly to Facebook, as well as other sites enabled in previous versions such as Kodak Gallery, Shutterfly and SmugMug. If you're just looking for a better Facebook uploader, there are other alternatives such as Pixelpipe or Bloom.

Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom or Bridge – What’s The Difference?

But if you use Elements Organizer anyway and send photos to Facebook, this is a welcome convenience. You use Windows 7 and want your apps to be Win 7-friendly. Unlike Elements 7, Elements 9 appears fully Windows 7 compliant. Its icon works properly on the taskbar when the program opens, and the app responds to Win 7 aero commands like "shake" minimize all but the active window and "snap" take up half the screen if a window is moved all the way left or right.

The Elements single-user license permits the same person to install the software on both a desktop and notebook computer.

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For the first time, the Windows and Mac versions are being sold in the same package, meaning you can install one of each without having to buy two copies of the software.