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Soliah: The Sara Jane Olson Story [Sharon Hendry] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. How had an idealistic young woman become.
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Olson served seven years — half her sentence — for helping plant bombs under police cruisers in Los Angeles in and participating in a deadly robbery of a Crocker Bank near Sacramento the same year. She was known then by her given name, Kathleen Soliah.

Sara Jane Olson

The SLA was best known for kidnapping media heiress Patty Hearst, who then joined her captors in their militant activities. Hearst later was pardoned by President Bill Clinton. After her indictment in the attempted bombing, Soliah took her new name and went underground. She first fled to Rhodesia — the southern African country now known as Zimbabwe — and eventually to St. She and Peterson raised three daughters, and Olson became involved in progressive politics and local theater.

More than two decades passed. Eventually, Olson pleaded guilty to attempting to explode a bomb with the intent to kill and second-degree murder in the bank robbery in which SLA member Emily Montague-Harris fatally shot customer Myrna Opsahl, a mother of four. He declined to be interviewed when a reporter showed up Monday night at his home in Berkeley, Calif.

June 27, 1999: The life and times of Sara Jane Olson

During her one-year probation, Olson must have no association with former SLA members or co-defendants, including her brother, and no contact with any victims or their family members, California corrections officials said. In a brief telephone conversation, the younger woman identified herself only as Martha and said she was 3 years old when her sister left home.

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The woman said she had not spoken to her older sister since her release from prison but had heard through someone else that she was doing fine and looking forward to going home. Paul have renewed controversy over the case in the past few days. The police unions in St. Paul and Los Angeles protested her Minnesota parole, arguing that she owes her debt to California and should spend her time there. Soliah and Kilgore began by renting safe houses for the SLA and procuring food.

They came back with steaks and chops and fancy desserts. Although the bombs were discovered and disarmed before they could explode, the act sent shock waves through the LAPD. It was less than a month after the bomb scare that police searching for Soliah and Kilgore in San Francisco found five other SLA members—including Hearst, who would later serve two years in jail for her participation in a bank robbery.

Today, the married mother of two still maintains that she was coerced. Kilgore and Soliah went their separate ways.

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In , Soliah arrived in Minnesota with a Social Security card that identified her as Sara Jane Olson, an assumed identity that shaved 13 months from her age. It was a shrewd alias; the Minneapolis phone book alone has 14 pages of listings for Olsons. But far from keeping a low profile, Soliah kept her striking long red hair and made a new life. Her first job was as a live-in cook at a University of Minnesota fraternity house.

She fit right in with the campus scene, volunteering at the May Day Bookstore Collective and hooking up with a group of counterculture activists. Around this time, Soliah moved next door to Fred Peterson, a Harvard-educated general practitioner who was interning in Minneapolis. They married on March 12, , and later that year their first daughter was born. Four years later, they crossed the river and moved into an ivy-covered Tudor in St.

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By this time, Peterson was a well-regarded emergency-room physician at St. He and Sara Jane were often seen jogging through the neighborhood.

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About five months ago his son Tom, 51, who in the intervening years had climbed from police rookie to seasoned investigator, decided to assign two of his best detectives to the case. The FBI suggested the 25th anniversary of the Compton shoot-out as a news peg. Although it is always unwise to predict a jury verdict, former L. County district attorney Ira Reiner believes that a conviction—if the case is not plea-bargained and goes to trial—will be hard to come by. At Sunday services at the family church on June 27, Peterson, who has declined all interview requests, spoke briefly about his hopes for the future.

Almost a year later, Olson took part in two bank robberies to help fund the SLA , according to court documents. During the Carmichael robbery, Olson "entered the bank with a firearm and kicked a nonresisting pregnant teller in the stomach. The teller miscarried after the robbery," the documents said. In August , Los Angeles police found homemade bombs under two squad cars. They were designed to explode when the car moved, but neither device detonated. Authorities cast the attempted bombings as payback for the bloody shootout that left Atwood and other SLA members dead.

A probe into the gunbattle helped police arrest Hearst, the granddaughter of publishing mogul William Randolph Hearst, who claimed she had been kidnapped, raped and brainwashed by the SLA.

Olson soon left California. According to the U. Department of Justice, "she evaded capture for 23 years, and in the meantime, became a doctor's wife, mother of three, community volunteer, veteran of charity work in Africa and practicing Methodist living in an upscale neighborhood in St. Though authorities said a "America's Most Wanted" episode marking the 25th anniversary of the L. Her Minnesota friends and neighbors were shocked, even incredulous, when she was arrested. They pleaded with a judge to grant her bail. It would help that Olson was generous with her time.

She was active in the church. She volunteered for political campaigns. Dawkins said he had a blind client to whom she used to read The New York Times. On October 31, , Olson pleaded guilty to two counts of attempting to ignite a destructive device or explosive.

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She later tried to rescind the plea, saying "cowardice" prevented her from telling the truth. A superior court judge, however, denied her request and in January sentenced her to 20 years to life in prison, a sentence the parole board later reduced. Olson was charged with Opsahl's slaying that same week and pleaded guilty in to second-degree murder.